Parallels Access – Remote control for Mac & PC from iPad


New Parallels Access is a new iPad that lets you control your Mac or Windows machine from anywhere. Low-bandwidth connections no longer have the power to stop you. Parallels Access holds your connection so you can keep on working with fewer interruptions. Business applications, games, and even streaming video. Setup is simple. Install a small application to run in the background on the desktop, and run the Access app on the iPad. You can select any of the Macs or PCs that are logged into the service—which costs $80 annually per machine—and tap one to start working. You can try it for free on the Mac for 14 days, and it’s currently free to run on Windows because that desktop agent is still in beta.

iWork for iCloud Beta is now open

Apple has previously offered iWork for iCloud Beta to developers and now Cloud users  can access beta versions of Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Upon choosing one of those applications, they’ll have free access to the productivity suite, and create everything from presentations to spreadsheets. Apple announced iCloud for iWork at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June. The company said that it would make the platform available as a public beta. It’s not clear when it’ll come out of beta.